Arrival of Jesus

The expeditious arrival of Jesus is determined by the ranking of factors this event is determined by. This also influences how swiftly Satan loses his power above human hearts. The latter event comes, when people turn to the Almighty with their possible strongest desire.


  1. Upon the repentance of George Soros: Whereupon hell not want to overcome Christianity, because he has become a believer. Thereafter, hell use his money for making people happy in their own homeland.
  2. Upon the repentance of Muslim leaders: Thereafter, they will not want to threaten Christians, because theyll not train terrorists anymore. Theyll make every effort to make love the basis of lives of other Muslims, since they have realized that Christian life is much better.


What is to be done, first and foremost?

  1. The public policies of Christian countries must put repentance to God to the first place to make George Soros and Muslim leaders repent, as soon as possible.
  2. Those Christians, who are most exposed to persecution, can offer their sufferings to God for the repentance of their persecutors, i.e. for the conversion of Muslim leaders. And the prayers of their children said for their repentance will rise before the throne of God. (E.g.: I pray, o Lord, for the repentance of Erdogan and the killer of my brother.)
  3. But patriot politicians of other Christian countries may also call for a common prayer, offerings and Holy Mass, together with others.


And what is to be done in the second place?

  1. Authentic Christian politicians must ask children, if he/she has, his/her own children to pray, offer good deeds or act for those who have been forced to leave their homeland. Anyway, they must not lleave out himself or herself from this movement.
  2. His/her country should make offers that can draw back the refugees to their home country.
  3. Let his/her country assume investments into facilities that support advantageous changes of the climate or the elimination of desertification in certain African areas. (There are many studies in this field.) climate improvement depends on world morality
  4. Let his/her country assume UNESCO inspection tasks in countries, where tribes assassinate each other, until these tribes sign peace treaties with each other.


What to be done in the third place?

  1. Let former colonizers appease the people of their former colonies in a way that they make peace with each other.
  2. Leaders of people, who want to dominate the world should reconcile with each other to make cold war redundant, too.
  3. They should join their military forces against those non-Christian nations who want to dominate the world now.


What to be done in the fourth place?

  1. Let Christian politicians initiate artistic events that serve the reconciliation of the opposing countries.
  2. Let Christian politicians show examples through families living in their countries, who have spouses from other enemy peoples, to demonstrate how love can win over fear, and that members of these families can love both countries. And if everyone does these:


Righteousness looks down from heaven(Psalm 85:11)

As this procedure goes through the world: Yes, the Lord will grant his bounty; our land will yield its produce. Justice will march before him, and make a way for his footsteps.(Psalm 85:13-14). This is how this row in the Lords Prayer will come about: Let your Kingdom come... Thy will be done.

With love in Him:


Budapest, 14/6/2017

Hergár Győző