Saint Paul Plan

for the Imminent Soros Orbán


Present situation

The outpost of Evil is so extensive, that only the bravest politicians and churches dare to cry for the help of God in the name of their peoples.


A Decision of Public Policy and the Church

on the establishment of a voluntary Acting Network, with the use of Internet and television channels.


Action Plan

1.     Compilation of a roll, listing George Soros and all other names to be converted in order of rank.

2.     Compilation of a roll, listing volunteers. Adults: per regions. Kindergartens and schools.

3.     Prayers and personal sacrifices for their conversion.


Tasks of the Acting Network

1.     Organisation of Worships: Organisation of events for celebrating volunteers and converters.

2.     Monitoring of foreign events.

3.     Organisation of international testimonies.


On backing repentance,

God will decide as he did in case of Saint Paul



Budapest, 03/06/2017

Hergár Győző