Hungarians: A Nation Welded Together Cooperation with God Part One

      In your opinion, who will solve our present problems: people only, God and the people cooperating, or God alone? Mankind was made by God in his image and in his likeness. Think it over! Choose! Decide!

      God has one unique and perfect system, in which we live our lives. Each important event in our world has its prior event: In the Bible and in its consonant prophecies, every new event is built on a great event. Even of words it can be said whether they belong to the system of God, or not. False things do not fit in his system.

      Saint Stephen I, King of Hungary failing a descendant offered, together with other Leaders, the Hungarian Kingdom to the Virgin Mary (first time in history), who accepted his offer. From that time on, our country is called Regnum Marianum: The Kingdom of Mary. The Evil One will be trampled by the Virgin Mary. The Evil One is unable to attack her, therefore he attacks her people in order to extend his stay on Earth. But this action is built in by God into his plan of salvation: the more Hungarians are attacked by the Evil, the more of them become suitable (This nation has suffered for all sins…”quotation from the Hungarian Anthem) the purposes of God. During this process, the Virgin Mary guards the nation from being lost (Trianon), but supports it to become hardened. She teaches us to turn to her Holy Son, who retains us and wants to work together with us.

      Our gift is from the grace of God to become a nation forged together, while maintaining our individual dissimilarities. We have become a nation forged together under the sledgehammer blows of the Evil. From now on, we must cooperate with God even better!

What are the consequences of it?

  1. God has chased away the spirit of discord (which was characteristic of our nation, only). That is, we are not enemies of each other anymore. Therefore, the Evil will attack us even harder than before.
  2. Having our sins washed away, we have suddenly realized that we are loving brothers and sisters of each other. Therefore, we rejoice with overwhelming, euphoric joy. (Bring upon it a time of relief quotation from the Hungarian Anthem) Whereby we are able to tolerate more.
  3. The Evil, who hopes for victory, has recognised that by his acts he has become a servant of the Lord, therefore he has become fury.
  4. We are in trouble! Please, help! will Europe ask. How have you got into trouble? we ask from them in order to show them the arms of the Evil against the mercy of God: He is alluding to His righteousness!

Ad 1. Vanishing of Discord

Antecedents of the 2016 European Football Championship:

      Gábor Király said on a press conference about the achievements of the national football team that the greatest virtue of the team was tolerance: the players put away all individualism for the sake of success.

      Zoltán Gera added that during his long carrier, this was the first time that  he perceived no kind of tension between team members.

      The wife of Ákos Elek said that when her husband entered the pitch on matches of the European Championship, the whole family cried during the National Anthem, which was a great experience for them. It was a tremendous feeling that the whole country supported the players she added.

      Blázs Dzsudzsák, the Captain of the National Football Team enhanced on a post-Championship celebration that without the stormy cheering of supporters, successes could have failed, therefore they were very grateful. Afterwards, he expressed his pleasure that they were able to weld the nation together and Hungary has become the greatest country.

      Jesus Christ didnt maintain an event log or a brochure, nevertheless he introduced himself, as the first Comforter emphasized Csaba Böjte. Jesus is a buttress supporting the rickety house. He supports us, like a Hungarian to the National Football Team, whose players said that they felt and it was good to hear from the team member as if they played their matches with fifteen million players, not eleven.

      I believe that the heartfelt words of the Hungarian footballers touch our hearts, as well, because we recognize the realization of Gods Plan in our lives. Their quoted words show that they have come from the side of God,

      On the morning of 26th June 2016 I woke up with the thought that The nation is not factious anymore!During the 11-hour mass celebrated by Father István Katona, I felt the internal urge to express my gratitude to God loudly. When I repeated this to someone after the holy mass, he answered:: It touches me so much that the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

Ad 2. Euphoria!

      After the match, Hungarian nationals living in Transcarpathia, Transylvania, the South and in other distant countries, were introduced to us by the television. Euphoric joy radiated from the faces of Hungarians dancing and hugging each other. And I considered: But this is football, only! No! This is the joy of Hungarians who stopped dissension.


Ad 3. Recognizing the Evil One

      The Hungarian political opposition acts against his own people, the Hungarians. Through them, the Evil revealed his powerless frenzy, as he realized that God has built his sledgehammer blows against the Kingdom of Mary in his own plans: In spite of their differing views, he has welded the Hungarians together. Therefore the Evil One attacks our leaders with even more anger, since if the Leader fails, all others will afraid! We need preparation now against the Evil, who is fighting his final fight. We need the effective support of God now.

Ad 4. How have you got into trouble?

      Since the creation, the Evil One has craftily been whispering to the people: "you will be like God, knowing good and evil (Gen. 3:5). This means that instead of God, they act as judges themselves! The Evil drives a wedge between the endless mercy and justice of God: The Father of Lies refers to justice. For example, he speaks this way: The truth is that your father hit your mother, whom you love so much. Until you guard this truth in your mind, I can stay with you, because I have told you this. Until you keep this truth in mind and you dont turn to the endless mercy of God, I am able to prepare your way to hell freely: you will seat in a wheelchair or youll have a cancer, and condemn the acts of others.

Therefore those can be set free from Evil, who forgives others. (See more on this from another aspect: My Faith in Accordance with the Lords Prayer: ( ).

      Thereby the Evil was able to achieve that for 2000 years, only a few have forgiven to others and the number of those who are ready obey to the call of Jesus to love our enemies: You have heard that it was said, Love your neighbour and hate your enemy.But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you! that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good  (Luke 6:27-36; Matthew 5:43-48). The Heavenly Father has given this instruction to Antonia Lamberger in 1972, in Klagenfurt, Austria: You dont pray for your enemies, therefore you are defenceless before their arbitrariness.Therefore, lacking the commandment of Jesus to love, the old commandment remains only: Hate you enemy. Therefore, the sin has flooded everything: all forms of mercilessness and hatred, while the scissors of richness and poverty opens wider and wider creating politician maker background powers.

      I.e. the situation of people has deteriorated, because people did not persist in love for their enemies, which was part of the whole love, whereby we werent able to rely on the love God has for us (see 1 John 4:16).

What will the Hungarians give as an advice?

Make contact with God through prayer!

      Antonia Lamberger has got this prayer from the Heavenly Father for urgent cases:

      Heavenly Father, please send to us with your beloved Son, our Saviour and Cause of happiness your fatherly love onto all propagators of darkness, and make them repent or stay where they are.

      Our Father, send us your fatherly love that the plans of those who want to persecute or betray us or brew mischief against us, feel themselves hindered by your presence in performing their wicked plans! Send the fire of your holy love on all liars, disparagers or hypocrites to make us be able to recognise them with certainty and be able to defend ourselves. Our Father, pour your love onto every criminal, tools of violence, murders and blind greed for power that they become unable to hurt us and the whole mankind. Our Father, send us the power of your holy love, as lightning comes onto the earth, when killers march through the world and wish wicked things to all nations.

      Our Father, be with us, be our Defender and our Leader. Be our Shelter, Power and Might. Our Father, pour your fatherly love to all peoples. Fill them with your holy fire in order to let them know the dangers of our days caused by the astuteness of the ancient Serpent. Our Father, be the righteous Commander everywhere. Please, command to the darkness to leave and keep away from the people. Our Father, our good Father, do what you think is good, righteous or advisable in your fatherly love. Amen.

      In Honour of the Most Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ "My Father is especially pleased by the offering of my Holy Wounds. By this offer, you give him the endless honour, which is his due: through this, you give heavenly offering to Heaven." My wounds upkeep the world said Jesus."

      The admission of Jesus will heal me and you, too! How can I become child of God! THE STATIONS OF THE CROSS:   THIS IS THE BEST CHANGER OF OUR LIVES!!

The Flame of Love of the Virgin Mary Blinds Satan

"With this flame, full of grace, what I have given you from my Heart going from heart to heart, light everyone and this light will blind the Satan. This is the fire of love that keeps us together. Ill rescue you hand in hand with you. I want to give a new tool into your hands. Please, accept it with appreciation. (...) I want no spirit to perish. I ask you to wish the same, together with me! Therefore I give the Beam into your hands, which is the Flame of Love of my Heart” – says the Virgin Mary.

The evangelization of Europe will come true in Hungary

      Through Sister Regina (on 1st May 2015, on a Regional Catholic Charismatic Meeting), from the 20th minute of the Meeting, the Lord sent us the following message: Many yeas ago, I had a vision about Hungary. I saw thousands of people shining from gold. It is wonderful that God rises lots of saints in these days in Hungary. Even Father Pio said that God has special plans for Hungary. Hungarians will bring joy to the whole mankind. From the 22nd minute: When I had this vision about Hungary, I did not know anything about the prophecies of Father Pio. But then I understood that the events coming will have an influence to the neighbouring countries, namely, Hungarians will bring many repentances. At that time, I thought that it was going to happen through the appearance of missionaries in the country, who will go out to the neighbouring countries. But during my morning praise the Lord showed me his plan for Hungary: It’s not that you will go out to other countries; but the plan of the Lord is that others will come to your country from abroad. God will attract them. The presence of God will be so clear in your country that it will attract others from foreign countries! And they will hear of miracles and special interventions of God, which will occur here, in Hungary. Dont you think that God has a wonderful plan for Hungary? (Applause.)


Comes the Second Part

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