Hungarians: A Nation Welded Together Cooperation with God Second Part

What is God going to do?  

      During this time, seeing our zealous cooperation, God will change the heart of the foreigners.


What will be the result?

Non-Christian strangers will want to become Christians! Since God created us in his image and in his likeness, love shall be always bigger than hatred! This way European migrants sent to us as conquerors will evangelize our home-mates who are hungry for love, as well. The devil will flee from you. (see James 4:7).


The prophecy of our National Song will be fulfilled

      This way, upon the appeal of an increasingly growing number of people, God will change human hearts! The testimony of repentant migrants will lead at least Christianity to victory! The devil will flee from our unity and Jesus will be our King!

      The Virgin Mary said in Međugorje, on the 2nd July 2015: Love means to bear, to give and never condemn!Mercy triumphs over judgement (James 2:13)”. This way, let us re-interpret Sándor Petőfi, with great joy: Quotation from his poem National Song:




Magyars, once more our name and story

Shall match our ancestorsin glory;

The centuries of shame and hurt,

Can now be washed away like dirt!


Chorus: By the God of all Hungary,

              We hereby swear,

              That, we the yoke of judging

              No more shall wear!


When will it be matching? From now on. Through our cooperation with God.


As our great Prophet said:


Ferenc Kölcsey: Hymn


O Lord, bless the nation of Hungary
With your grace and bounty,
Extend over it your guarding arm,
During strife with its enemies;
Long torn by ill fate,
Bring upon it a time of relief,
This nation has suffered for all sins
Of the past and of the future!


Budapest, 17th August 2016

Hergár Győző